Building Memories

Over the weekend, it rained and then it rained some more. New Zealand can be tough in winter and we're not winning awards for indoor entertainment.

But, there is no shortage of beaches here; black sand, white sand, big swell, tide pools, caves - you name, we've got diversity in our coastline and I was desperate for some fresh air, space and salt so off to the beach we went.

We headed to the rugged west coast, Bethells Beach is about an hour West of Auckland but feels like I've been transported to another universe. On this day it was windy and the black fine sand danced along the vast, empty landscape. My boys decided to race ahead and it got me thinking about the memories we build for ourselves and for generations to come.

Webster dictionary defines memorial as, 'something designed to preserve the memory of a person...'. For me, pictures are a key memory holder and lately they bring up lots of questions, particularly from my eldest son. With all the channels and collection of images, I wonder how they will be used in the future to tell our stories?

Over the past year, I've put together rough scrapbooks which will never be Pinterest worthy but I hope will serve as memory boxes for my children. I wonder where they will be in 20 years? So much change in the world today but also yearning for the way things used to be.

Have a thoughtful Memorial weekend.

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