Remember when....

You've just spent 9 months, give or take, bouncing around in the safety of your mothers womb. You didn't know who you were, but you didn't want for anything, food, warmth, comfort, sleep. Now you're out, everything is bright, scary and loud. You're content in your mothers arms, and when she feeds you you feel connected, happy, and maybe... no definitely more than a little sleepy. You start to drift to sleep but are jolted awake when you feel yourself placed against a cold hard surface.

Do you:

A) immediately fall back to sleep, you don't care where it is you can sleep anywhere or

B) scream until the giant hands pick you up and rock you back to sleep 

We've all heard stories about the baby who slept through the night from birth, who never cried, who learned to talk at 6 months, who published a novel by 12 months... Maybe your mother said you were that child, perhaps it was your younger brother (because you never slept apparently).  We're all shocked when our perfect child won't allow us the luxury of sleep, when eating with two hands becomes a distant memory because there is always a baby in the other, when showering is a novelty only afforded when someone else is home to hold baby.

Let's be real, your baby is probably going to cry every time you try to let go, because that is what babies are programmed to do. Instead of trying to train them into switching their natural instincts off we'd like to suggest a much more pleasant alternative and introduce you to Hushamok.


Transitioning from the womb to the real world can be hard for babies so why not make it a whole lot easier with Hushamok. Our hammocks are a natural alternative to a baby bassinet or crib. With its natural swinging and rocking motion our hammock induces sleep in babies and keep them asleep longer.

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