Top 10 Useless Baby Items

There are loads of incidental items, add-ons, gadgets and knick knacks that baby stores tell you should buy. Some of them even go so far as to have a horrendously long list of items you MUST HAVE to take care of a newborn. The truth is though, you barely even need half of 'em.
We went and took a look at these lists and broke them down into our top 10 most useless baby items. The stuff you're encouraged to pick up but don't need. Enjoy saving money!

Top 10 most useless items for newborn babies:

  1. Crib Bedding Sets or Bumper Pads = These can actually contribute to the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) through accidental suffocation during sleep. Instead, swaddle your baby and don't make the room too hot or use heavy blankets. You can also cradle them to sleep, warming them with your own body heat.

  2. Baby Wipe Warmer = There are a whole host of issues related to warm wipes. Most notable is that damp, warm places are incubating habitats for bacteria and you don't want to be wiping your baby with something like that. They also frequently dry out your wipes rendering them near useless. Instead, hold each wipe in your clean hand for a moment to get rid of the cold sensation before use.
    Another point to mention is that some baby wipe warmers have been recalled due to being potential fire hazards. Taking the situation into your own hands (both figuratively and literally) is the best course of action!

  3. Baby Shoes = We don't want to say this twice - babies don't need shoes until they can walk! When they come into the world their muscles haven't developed enough for their legs to hold them up and it will be a while before they're up on their own two feet. You're also constraining their body's ability to breathe and develop.

  4. Baby Food Maker = These are glorified food processors. If you have one at home, or even a good milk shake blender, you're already set. Don't forget to take care of lumps though by forking through every spoonful. That's basic safety and should event be done if using a baby food maker. Don't forget to introduce lumps later though to help them eat more solid foods. This is a gradual process.

  5. Electric Baby Bottle/Food Warmer = These are just hot plates. Save yourself some money and heat your food or bottles in your oven or in a pot. Be careful about using a microwave as they are proven health risks, while also sapping the nutrients out of food they heat. Don't re-heat food more than once and be sure to sir it around to mix in hot spots to minimise the danger of burns.

  6. Baby Sterilising System = Sterilising your baby's milk bottles and other equipment is very important. But to be honest, baby sterilisers are just pots of boiled water that use steam and heat to sterilise. Real solution? Boil some water in a saucepan! This is just as good a sterilizing system as any and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

  7. Bumbo Baby Seat = Not only does it take 3-5 months before a baby can support their own head (a requirement for use of these seats), it has also be analysed by pediatricians and debunked. They restrict movement without adding anything to posture. More often than not these seats are just used as trapping devices to make sure your baby doesn't go anywhere while you're away. Instead, let your baby move freely in their environment and encourage movement of any kind.

  8. Diaper Pails (Diaper Dekor or Diaper Genie) = These do NOT control odors! Plus you have to keep buying expensive refill bags for them. Instead, simple throw the diapers into your outside garbage container for each use, or designate a bin for diapers which you sterilise and deodorise separately. If you get a system going it won't disrupt your day to day life at all and again, will remove potential smells from your home.

  9. Polyester Sleep Sacks = Swaddling is great but we have issue with trapping baby in non-breathable and artificial material.  They're  also highly flammable and often applied with toxic flame retardant chemicals. Cotton and wool sacks are a better option during those cold winter months.

  10. Baby Lotions & Powders =  Babylotions and powders are not necessities. Yes, they smell great but they is nothing like the natural smell of a baby.  And be careful of talcum powdersas they can be harmful to your baby by causing respiratory problems. Pediatricians are now skeptical of the use of both these products and recommend the use of corn starch based powders if anything. Instead, try to employ natural and safe ways to protect and nurture your baby's skin such as regular light bathing and vegetable or a plant based oil.  Don't forget babies put everything in their mouths!

Moral of the story? Look out for the stuff you need rather than the stuff you don't. If you're looking to buy baby items always research what each item does and, ways in which they could be replaced. Your baby is sure to be the light in your life, and you don't want to waste a cent on something isn't a true benefit for them.

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