The Only 3 Things Your Newborn Baby Needs

Hushamok was created by real parents with real experience and real love for their children. Over the years our founders have spent parenting, they've noticed a simple truth:

You don't need to buy a whole lot of junk to truly care for your newborn. Instead you have to focus on these 3 key things...


Your newborn baby is just getting used to the world and the fact that they just experienced the biggest event in life - birth. As your child develops they'll want lots of sleep, and they need you to help that happen.


Nutrients are vital to proper development of a newborn and nothing beats mum's breast milk. This is sometimes difficult but shouldn't let mothers down if it is. There are alternatives and not being able to breast feed your baby does not affect your ability to mother that baby.


Yes, you! You're going to be a parent (or you're ready to dive back into it) and the one thing your baby needs most of all is YOU! Nurturing to help them to grow and understand their own needs and teach them and yourself how to meet those needs. It's something deeper than Sleep and Food. It's a sense of caring and protection and endless love as you help guide them into the great big world.

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