Places for Baby Hammocks

We're just wrapped with our Hushamok photo event, it's been a sort of roller coast ride with all those dreams, stories and beautiful families. We thought we would get lots of lovely nurseries (and we did) and stunning gardens (which we also did).

What we didn't expect was an open invitation to your special hideaways and the stories behind the love for your children both here and on their way.  We love our Hushamok community and how many special people have stories that are just like our own.


We wanted to share a few before it all goes into the Hushamok archives...

I love this picture of the family who is planning to take their baby (and Hushamok!) to the place they honeymooned in Norway. 
Or poolside in Chiapas, Mexico with the other hammocks ❤

But it was Vanessa from Miami that stole our hearts and we can't wait for her sweet Paz, (means peace in Spanish) to sleep in her Hushamok.

Thanks to everyone that entered, I hope you enjoyed our fun event xxx
Julie from Hushamok

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