The Values Of Hushamok

Uniqueness & The Importance Of Culture

We at Hushamok are unique because we believe in individuality. Our designs are unlike anything else and instantly recognizable. Hushamok also believes in the importance of honouring culture which is why we took a very old and global concept and used it as a roadmap for our designs.


Passion & Embracing Nature In Our Designs

We are a passionate lot and believe in our vision which is to make safe baby and children’s furniture, sourcing natural materials wherever possible and using natural elements such as motion to help families to both sleep better and relax.


Family & Connections

We're also a connected group that puts great emphasis on family.  Founders, Julie (from Boston, USA) and her husband Mark (from Capetown SA), started Hushamok out of the care and affection they placed on their family. They're two little Kiwi boys are the inspiration behind Hushamok.  Read Our Story.


A Company With A Conscience

Our company has a conscience because it chooses to. We love our customers and community because we want to live in a world that cares. We’re always excited when our Hushamok families share things with us and get involved, so we hope you can become part of the dream too. Good communication and partnerships hold great value in everything we do.

So in short, we're ready to welcome you into the Hushamok family. We've started a blog to bring you baby care tips and will always answer you questions through our Facebook and Twitter pages.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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