Baby Myth: "I Don't Need Advice. I Have Mother's Intuition!"

Mother's intuition is the ability to know things about caring for your children without knowing HOW you know them. It's a powerful thing mothers have but it's not all powerful. It lets you be that extra special mother your children know and love.

What Mother's Intuition Can Do For You

The connection that mothers have with their children is a special thing indeed. As that connection grows, mothers tend to know things about their children without knowing HOW they know those things. Things like if their child is upset or whether or not they forgot something for school, perhaps even when your newborn baby is hungry or just needs to be held. What it gives mothers the power to do is the ability to be an extra special person in their children's lives. When a mother's intuition senses are tingling it's up to them to act on those tinglings.

What It CAN'T Do

However a mother's intuition can only go so far. While it can help you figure out when your baby is hungry, it doesn't help you with what they need to be fed or whether or not your newborn can take solids now. That comes from planning, research and attention.

Moral Of The Story? Be Proactive!

Rely on mother's intuition to help you become that special mom that your kids love, but rely on asking for help, research and planning when it comes to knowing what is right for them!

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