How To Theme Your Baby's Nursery

So you’ve made it this far, you’re finally in your 3rd trimester and reality has set in, with that your instinct to nest.  It’s an exciting time and of course you want to ensure your baby’s nursery is ready.  But you may want to ask yourself a few questions before you dive head first into what may become a major project.

Here are few things to think as you get ready for the big day:

  • What will the nursery be used for?
  • Is the hope that your baby will be doing the majority or sleeping and napping in the his or her nursery?
  • Do you plan to take the approach of attachment parenting and have your baby close by as much as possible?
  • What sort of theme do you want for the nursery, if any?
  • Will you purchase all brand new items or do you plan to use the same glider your own mother rocked you to sleep in? 

It’s a lot to take on, and sites like Project Nursery really do help as you navigate your way through this daunting and overwhelming process.  A babies room is a special space and it we think it should reflect your families values; the love for you have for your child and your own sense of style and design.

How to approach your nursery and theme

Don’t forget babies sleep upwards of 20 hours in those first few months. So being in a space where both of your are comfortable is essential. We believe in following these simple steps to know you've done what's right by you and your baby.

  1. Start with the essentials - this may seem like a no-brainer, but quite often people can get carried away with projects like these. Make a list of the essentials you need before you go into designing and planning.
  2. Pick a baby safe colour and topic scheme you're personally comfortable in - colours mean all sorts of things, and topics from cars to clouds come in many shapes and sizes. What's important at this step in the process is to focus your designs for your nursery around baby safe things you are personally comfortable with. Again, you'll be in this space quite a lot and if you're uncomfortable with it, that sense of unease could rub off on your baby.
  3. Consider your options for extra stuff - many themed baby rooms we've seen come with a lot of useless and uneconomical items that you simple don't need, like elaborate spectral sticker on the wall. Beautiful and extravagant are two different things, so don't feel obliged to break your time-frame, heart, or wallet. Chances are this room will develop with who your child grows into so going with a minimalist approach gives a chance for you to build the creativity of your child. You can save this project for the days when your baby starts developing likes and dislikes or a creative nature, so that they can make their mark in your home while flexing their creative muscles.
  4. Create your masterpiece! - now go out there, find the safest and most loving of items, and fill your nursery with them. We have a simple idea below that might be just what you're looking for...

The family themed nursery

Here at Hushamok, family is our passion. So instead, we think you should fill your baby's nursery with the items that have defined your family. Keep the creative parts with a white/ clean and blank feel for your child to grown into them creatively, but on shelves and such you can place family trinkets and heirlooms. This helps you stay in touch with your heritage and provide your child with an understand of where they came from as they grow up. It also can help for great storytelling if the items in your family themed nursery come rich with history.


Happy decorating out there and most importantly have fun and enjoy.

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