Top 10 Tips for New and Upcoming Mothers

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First, I am so honored to be a guest blogger and I hope you enjoy the read!  My son Zaccai is now 21 months old; I have grown and changed immensely in these past few years. I am delighted to share my top 10 tips for you new Moms/Dads out there; I hope this finds you peace and guidance.  

1. Your birth plan may or may not go the way you hope – either way, you will need a great friend or partner to help you heal. I went the “all natural” route and my 4 days of labor ended in an emergency cesarean. If you can, join groups to help you through this process, like the ICAN community. I needed someone at 2AM once and these mommas are around the clock. So neat.

2. You may not “love” your baby the instant he or she is born – this is completely normal. You have to take the time to get to know this little one. I remember at 3 weeks old, we clicked. It was really heavenly – but those first 3 weeks were more than miserable. I wish someone would have told me that from the beginning. I felt very guilty that I didn’t have that MOMENT everyone talked about at his birth.

3. Breastfeeding is important – those first few days are vital. Skin-to-skin 24 hours a day. This sounds insane and if people want to come by and see the baby – this may feel uncomfortable. Those first few days it was just me, my husband, my mom and the hospital staff. Absurdly enough I didn’t want anyone to be a part of our first few days except the people that had been a part of the days leading up to my son’s birth. It was almost sacred to me.  

4. You know more than you think – I learned what every coo, cry, squawk and smile meant. How? I have no idea. This is truly a mother’s intuition.

5. You lose most of the pregnancy weight simply by being a mom, nursing and eating healthy  I was “blessed” with a c-section scar instead of stretch marks. Whether you have an incision, stretch marks, or your body has changed… you 'should' truly appreciate it. Your body worked wonders through 40+ weeks of pregnancy and days of labor –embrace those visible signs of bravery.

6. You will cry – You may not know why. You are not alone. You might need a friend or professional to talk to & that is okay. Keep your head up momma, you are doing amazing.

7. You may not recognize your husband or partner – keep pictures around of both of you smiling. It makes it easier to recognize the stranger walking around your house, enough said.

8. Ask for help, accept help  Learn to take showers and brush your teeth when these people offer help.

9. Going back to work is harder and easier than you think  I went back to teaching college students 2 weeks after my intense labor. It was a few hours at night but it was time away to teach [that’s what I love]. I felt like me. It felt great. My husband appreciated me more as a mom because I spent a few hours away the first couple months. I scheduled my pumping session(s) – never missed a beat and have been nursing my boy for 21 months.

10. You will become a parent you never imagined   do things you never imagined and say things you never imagined. That’s okay. Go with what you believe is right for you and your family. We chose gentle parenting/attachment parenting/cloth diapering because that is what works for us. Whatever you decide, parent with love and respect; you are raising a human.

I hope this was helpful and insightful. Being a parent is an extremely difficult role in life, yet so rewarding. Appreciate the time you have with your little one; he or she is only this age today. Breathe in that baby smell and enjoy the ride.

Xoxo, My Birth Write  Amber Green 

About The Author: Amber Green is the proud owner and blogger at the blog - "The moment a woman becomes a mother" - A blog dedicated to detailing the journey from woman to motherhood.

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