Having a baby gets you awesome gifts - right or wrong?

Baby Registries are simply wonderful for key life moments from getting married to having a baby.  These services really seem to make our lives easier, don’t they?

Well..... a considered yes is our answer.

Let me explain.

Take a registry list with a pinch of salt

First thing to remember is that retailers make money off of us by selling stuff.  Well, that’s obvious.  But in your enthusiasm and excitement of your baby news, don’t forget the commercial world is sold on selling - to us, to our relatives and to our friends.

How do registries work?

They provide you with a check list of items and suggestions of different products which you could get.  You then pick your list and then email or promote it to your friends and invite them to contribute to your new baby setup by buying gifts for you.

It really is a lovely solution, particularly for a first baby.

Buyer beware

I don’t want to rain on your parade, but please, read this note of caution.

First you do NOT need everything on the registry service list.  No, really you do not.

Second, it’s easy to get carried away wanting the ‘best’ for your child.  But unless you’re made of money, buying top end for something that your child will grow out of within a couple of months is really a waste.  

So here’s how to approach a registry

Read our article about Top 10 Useless Baby Items so you get an idea what you may not need.

Go have fun and pick over that registry list and select what you think you want.

Ask a trusted friend or your Mom and have them check your selections.  Tell them that you want them to help you pick the bare minimum list. Then to have a plus “fun things” list of additions which would be nice to have but are not essential.

Now you’re armed and ready for sharing your edited registry list with your friends and relatives.

Enjoy this - it’s huge fun.

P.S.  Just a quick point - would you consider second hand for some items?

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