How do dudes become dads?

What happens when a guy becomes a first time father?  What is the process for the average manly “man’s man” to turn into a loving father and strong parental figure? We certainly want to know! So we had a chat to our co-founder, Julie Soboil, about how her husband (Mark) went from Dude to Dad. Have a read and then tell us in the comments - how was your/ your husband’s transformation from Dude to Dad?



“Families are dynamic and the latest change in our home has been the increasing role of Mark, husband and father to our boys (Lucas and Leo).  As we emerge from the world of toddlers and they move towards adolescence, the paternal responsibilities grow too.  With 2 perceptive boys, I watch their eyes follow Mark’s movements and comment with sports-like precision the wins and sometimes fails of their father.

And unlike a few years ago when I was majority keeper of the boys, the tables are now beginning to turn.  With sports and boy movies, surfing and homestyle WWF, it’s so nice to observe their interactions and how Mark navigates the labyrinth of our family routine.  

I’ll always have eyes for all my boys, Dad included.”

-Julie Soboil, Co-founder at Hushamok



The transformation from Dude to Dad is an amazing thing!

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