The Results Are In! A Roundup of the Most Useful & Useless Baby Items

When you have 5 seconds to spare, don't you just love a little Buzzfeed for yourself?

Well, we spotted this very cool list on Buzzfeed Life where 1300 parents took part in a poll about their baby items; those that are necessities and those that belong on the clearance shelf.

We at Hushamok endorse this list and do not think you need to spend money OR time on the Baby Care Timer App...

OR a Pee-Pee-Teepee (self-explanatory)...

What we loved about this 130,000 participant poll is that parents named the baby carrier and the baby swing as the most useful items.  And you know how we feel about being close to your baby and how much they love motion.  So it's probably no surprise that we stand behind this poll and Buzzfeed!

Follow the Buzzfeed article here.

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