SOS: Tired of Advice, send Sleep.


"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."  - Leo J. Burke

We love this quote.  For all the advice, some unsolicited, the tips, top 10 lists that instruct you to 'do this or don't do that, frankly, it's exhausting.  Navigating the terrain of so-called 'expert sleep advice' we find on bookshelves, the web and spoken words from medical professionals, family and friends, just thinking about it makes me tired.

And in Hushamok land, where the fairies live, we are also reminded of the fragility of parenthood with desperate pleas from new parents seeking answers. We are reminded that just as no two snowflakes are alike, the same applies to babies. What we do know is that a parent's intuition is the most magical tool in your kit and you should lean on it and use it to understand not just what baby needs but consider the needs of the whole family (yes, you too).

Be educated, informed and safe but also be willing to trust yourself. Also, know that time passes quickly and as it often happens in life, just when you think you understand, the rug gets pulled out underneath your feet again. But know it's ok and we're always here if you need us.


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