Spring Forward: Sanity-saving tips for Daylight Savings Time

Spring has arrived and with a new season comes the sweet act of turning your clock ahead one hour. This can wreak havoc on a newborn’s schedule so we wanted to offer a few tips that can make this chore a whole lot easier for the entire family.

Ease on in. Try to prevent problems before they start by putting baby to sleep 10 minutes earlier each night for a week before the clock moves. This incremental change can help make the transition smoother.

 A darkened room can work miracles to create a night time environment even when it’s sunny and light outside. Blackout blinds or heavy curtains can work wonders to help those wee ones who take issue with sleep when it’s still light outside.

And although it may seem logical we don’t recommend keeping your baby up longer than usual in the afternoon in a bid to get him to bed earlier - overtired babies usually struggle to get to sleep so you may just find that you have a cranky baby on your hands who falls asleep later than he would normally. Exactly what you don't want!

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