The Pressures of Modern Parenting

Like it or not, we are venturing into an unknown parental territory. Even more daunting is modern parenting, an age where we work for our kids. We all modern parent in varying degrees thanks to child labor laws that now make it illegal for our kids to work for us.  And with modern parenting comes a high-value investment that may include a pricey education, extracurricular activities, cultural enrichment, the list goes on and on. And if you ask parents whey they investment so much, both financially and emotionally into their children, without exception, parents agree that they want their kids to be happy.  It's all any parent wants;  happiness for themselves but especially for their children.  

I just listened (again) to this fantastic TedTalk on NPR  exploring the ideas of why we are the way we are. The Podcast got me thinking about how will I try and enrich my children with experiences that will help them develop into creative, confident and loving individuals. And yes, while I still want them to be happy, I think happiness is a by-product and not the actual goal.

Parenting, in whatever form is hard work. Parenting today is a never-ending emotional journey on top of buckets of hard work. So far, I think I'm enjoying the ride.





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