Blame it on sleep deprivation

At first I thought I was reading The Onion but oh no, it's a real study that concluded having a baby is the equivalent of walking around with a black cloud hanging over your head.  Like even worse than divorce, losing a job, the death of a spouse, wait what???  

This can't be true.  

But it is. Check it out: 
Blame It on Lack of Sleep Study

A few things to point out; the study only looked at first-time parents aka those that have fantasized about how perfect their child will be. How baby will effortlessly latch on to your breast, sleep for 3 hours at a time and progress to 6-8 hour stretches by 12 months. How baby will sleep in a front back during shopping, and you will nap when baby naps.  

Another observation, researchers followed parents for up to two years after their first child’s birth. During those first two years baby is going through a series of monumental developmental milestones that are often disruptive to any semblance of order. Of course, this can be a frustrating time for new parents.

And when baby arrives, life can be difficult.  At times parenting may feel like a ton of brick sitting on your chest because baby only falls asleep in your arms, and you're afraid to put baby down, afraid to move a muscle because you need this child to sleep. 

Sleep deprivation, self-doubt, the immense responsibility of parenthood can be a massive challenge but, these findings are overdramatic and lack perspective.  Our advice, try and get some rest when you can, if you can, maybe even get your baby a Hushamok.

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