Family Love

We just returned from three weeks in New England, near the place I grew up. Visiting as an adult with my children brought back so many memories. I am delighted that my children can share experiences with cousins, grandparents and my childhood friend's children. We spent most our time chasing the surf, digging for clams and mastering the backflip.
And now we are back home in the Pacific Northwest and still enjoying island life. We love, love Bainbridge Island. For us, it ticks many of the boxes that feed our souls. We love the proximity to Seattle, and after living in New Zealand for 14 years, we've come to realize that island life suits us. Our children are so happy here although the stinkers are now driving us crazy to get a dog. 
We had a great time holidaying on the East Coast with family. It was a good break for me too, but now I am busy preparing for Seattle BabyFest and the LA Baby Show where Hushamok will exhibit later this year. Until then, we will be enjoying our NW Summer - filling it with sunshine and fresh air. 

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