This Thanksgiving, the last few weeks of pregnancy are upon me…that in between time of waiting, stretching, resting, and watching for signs of labor! Everything seems to slow down as my head and my heart focuses on nothing but this new life that is about to change mine forever. Within four weeks, she’ll be here. And it couldn’t be a more fitting time of the year to welcome our new little one, as we are so grateful for her life and the joy she’ll bring to our little family.

This time, these weeks are full of anticipation as I await baby girl #2’s arrival. Knowing what I’m in for has me even more excited than I was before my first daughter’s birth two years ago. I was caught off guard the first time by all my new baby’s needs, I struggled to try to keep my life the same as it was before, and I didn’t give myself a chance to savour the sweet moments that truly flew by. I’m grateful for another chance to do so, and for my new mindset of acceptance and enjoyment of motherhood.

As a first-time mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t ready for the long days and longer nights. It was a rough adjustment, and my daughter was what I reluctantly describe as “clingy” (I’d prefer a more positive term, but this way we all know what I’m talking about!). Most of my memories of the newborn days are of endless hours she spent in my arms, my growling stomach reminding me around noon each day that I hadn’t set her down once to get a bite to eat yet. She wouldn’t last more than a few moments in her bassinet without bursting into tears that would not relent. I tried babywearing, setting her in her swing, and singing to her, but nothing soothed her to sleep until she was returned to my arms.

My husband may not have been able to soothe her cries, but he was and always will be the baby gear expert in our home. He knows all the latest trends and products, and he sorts through them all before I hear his famous words: “Hey, come check out this stroller! [or car seat, or nursing pillow, or…] It literally does all the work for you and it’s so easy to use, it’s the best one out there right now.” And cue the snazzy marketing video on his laptop, demoing all of that stroller’s amazing benefits! I can’t tell you how many times that exact scenario played out in our living room after dinnertime as we prepared for each baby’s arrival. And we never regretted a purchase, because he did his homework and found the most convenient, efficient gear around! It really made life easier while I was so preoccupied with a clingy baby to not have to worry about complicated, frustrating gear.

So when we found out I was pregnant with our next baby and my husband introduced me to the Hushamok, I got excited. It was the first thing we purchased for our baby, and it remains the one thing I look forward to using most when she arrives! I have newfound hope that maybe this little one will sleep a little better than my firstborn did, that I’ll have a little more time to eat and take care of myself during the day. For a new mom, every moment counts! Even 5 more minutes to wash my face and brush my teeth in the morning is a blessing worth counting.

We’re finishing up this little one’s nursery, and the Hushamok’s design is simply beautiful. It lends a quiet peacefulness to her room. I love looking at it, and daydreaming about watching my little girl’s sweet face as she naps. My two year old demonstrates how she’ll gently rock the baby to sleep in her hammock, and it makes my heart happy to see her excitement about her new role as mommy’s helper, the big sister.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the chance to do things differently the second time around, to be excited about motherhood instead of overwhelmed and to give my daughter a gentle, womb-like place to sleep where she feels safe and calm. I’m grateful for my two-year old’s sweet spirit to help her momma take care of the new baby. And I’m grateful for these last few weeks (or days!) that I have to wait and prepare, rest and daydream, for all the beautiful moments ahead.

We're ramping up a new Hushamok offering by honouring your voices. We are so very grateful to introduce Gina Hackbarth, a Hushamok enthusiast and this month's guest writer. Gina is a crunchy mom of 2, introvert, certified personal trainer, bookworm, crochet addict, and mountain lover trapped in the Sunshine State! For more on Gina’s journey visit her her blog, Fit Oils Momma, and Instagram, @fitoilsmomma.  If you're interested in writing for Hushamok email us at

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