Playing it Safe, sort of

I love Halloween.  I love the candy, the dress up, knocking on stranger's doors asking them for food.  It's so over the top, and as a kid, I thought I'd won the jackpot every time Halloween rolled around.  

I'm beginning to have mixed feelings about this holiday now that I'm a parent and trying to raise responsible and respectful beings  Which is a bummer because I love Halloween as much as my boys do.

I think one of the reasons may be that things have changed from when I was a child, as they often do. Growing up, it was a rare treat to have a candy bar, while nowadays you can expect to find sugary sweets everywhere, much to my irritation. Kids are rewarded with candy all the time; at school for being doing good, as a way to raise funds for school fundraisers, as a reward at sporting events, and I didn't even mention what retail tries to sell us.

Halloween is once a year, so we go all out.  For 24 hours we will live, breathe and eat candy, celebrating this fun holiday like we are climbing Mt Everest.  For every other day, I tread lightly, supporting my children by limiting their exposure to the temptations of sugar. I try and keep them out of gas stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies until they are old enough to understand someone is trying to sell them something they don't need. As for the school and sport, I pick my battles carefully.

Hope you all enjoy this year's spooky holiday celebration, it's sure to be over the top this year.  And after it's over look I will look be happy to say goodbye to gluttony for another year. Unless, of course, I decide to take on Thanksgiving.

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