Returning to a familiar place

From my window seat on Bainbridge Island, I peer out to the Puget Sound, and I feel settled. I was wary about moving back to the US, and although I've lived in this country for over 30 years of my life, I left before marriage and children. And the time before marriage and motherhood are the equivalent to a past life I lived. 

As the Creator of opportunities for Hushamok it's been challenging networking and marketing the company from our previous beautiful yet isolated location in New Zealand. So while I'm returning to the familiar in the US, it also feels like a rebirth, a new awakening for Hushamok. 

And that's why is gives me such great joy to finally connect with local bloggers, food gurus, extraordinary moms and those people that are just too interesting to pass by.

For the past few months, we've been connecting and collaborating with guest contributors for Hushamok, and it's been a pretty cool experience. I'm excited to share those interactions as Hushamok grows in the community. Our latest partnership is with Aubrey, a photographer, and a new mother. Aubrey got her sweet sister-in-law, Jessica, and her baby Pearl along for some fun at a recent Hushamok photoshoot. We love these pics, hope you enjoy them too.

Jessica and her beautiful Pearl.


Baby Pearl enjoying her time in the Hushamok Okoa Hammock.


Some quiet time for Mama.


Baby Pearl going for a sleep in her Hushamok Okoa.

A big thank you to Jessica, Pearl, and photographer Aubrey for their playful energy and smiles. To see more of Aubrey's pics, visit her on Instagram @aubreyj0. If you would like to collaborate with Hushamok, drop us a line at Otherwise, give us a shout out on any of our social media feeds.  

Julie x

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