Seasons of Change


I  just love all those pictures on FB, kids posing for their first day of school, faces brimming with excitement. And the Instagram pics that so beautifully capture the last bits of summer, basking at the beach with magical sunsets in the background.

It sometimes feels like I'm peeking into a crystal ball to see what's right around the corner because here in New Zealand we're getting ready to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.  

Change is so mysterious and taking the time to enjoy what we have right here, right now can sometimes be even more elusive.  Thinking back at some of our family adventures makes me warm inside but I can't help but feel excitement for what's to come too. Summer in Auckland is spectacular, no two ways about it.  Sailing, swimming surfing and that's just the S's!

But change can also be daunting and rushed so I hope during this holiday weekend families can take some time to relax.  

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