Starting over, a changing perspective

It was just over three months ago, on Mother's Day to be exact, that our lives changed in a big way. New country, new home (apartment actually), new friends and the icing on the cake sort of change, a new puppy joined our family. 

Kids have now been out of school for nearly FOUR months, and this Mum  Mom is ready for Labor Day.  It truly has been an endless summer, between weekend sessions at Tawharanui on the N. Shore of New Zealand to our epic surf camping adventure at Hobuck Beach, the most northwest point in the continental US boasting the most amazing smoked salmon I have ever tasted.

We've been blueberry picking on Bainbridge; this island is a wonderland of berries. 

And in a few short weeks, the adventure will continue with new schools and new ways of learning. Think Imperial vs Metric and the history of the Commonwealth vs. the Sons of Liberty. I'm excited for new things to come, there is much, some daunting. And while I thrive on change I am looking forward to a bit of routine. School buses and making lunches, I can't believe I have a yearning for the mundane. It gives our family the chance to ground us in our new environment. 

Living in a new everything feels liberating although I know this feeling won't last for long. Kids are meeting new friends through sports and summer camp, bringing a sense of community into our lives. I'm meeting like minded woman through my yoga studio and the local community. After nearly a decade of living in the same suburb of Auckland, I feel a sense of freedom in starting over. It comes at a dear cost though. All those connections in NZ, the birthplace of my two children; I'm sometimes overcome with a sense of grief thinking about what we left behind. But then I remember what a friend once told me - that Aotearoa will always be our home and that love we feel for our second home will never leave us.

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