Okoa MySeat (for limited time FREE Travel Bag)


More than ever it’s difficult for children to make room for self-reflection. This is why we created MySeat, for your developing child.

Assembled Dimensions: 43”L x 60”H x 42”W 
 Assembled Weight: 32 Pounds 


  • The Okoa Stand is made from European Beechwood, known for having excellent physical properties & designed for beauty & function. MySeat fits perfectly within the moon-like crescent shape of the stand. The solid aluminum die casts hold it all in place giving the finished detail.

  • While Hushamok baby hammocks offer babies the best in sleep, MySeat is ideal for a child’s early development. Proud Company Moment: the best part of MySeat is that it grows with your baby. Babies 12 weeks or to a maximum weight of 50 pounds can use MySeat (Did you know that's the equivalent of a 6 year old child?).
    Bundle includes:
     What you get: Okoa Stand, MySeat, Removable Neck Support & Harness, Innovative Leafspring unique to MySeat (it’s the motion in Hushamok)
    The removable tether, neck support, and harness system ensure baby is secured safely and makes it easy to adjust for older children up to 50 pounds
    ✮ Harvested European Beechwood is often described as "the most sustainable forests on the planet"

    Did We Mention It's Organic & Sustainable?
    All natural, 100% organic cotton, no flame retardants used, ever
    The aluminum castings get top marks for durability, recyclability and sustainability 

  • Safety:
    MySeat must always be used with a Hushamok stand
    US & EU Safety Certified
    The stand has been tested to hold some serious weight but be sensible use only with authorized Hushamok products
    Stop using MySeat when your child reaches a maximum weight of 50 pounds

     MySeat is machine washable on gentle cycle
    If you would like to enhance the natural beauty of the Okoa Stand simply use a damp cloth and wipe down with linseed or olive oil

  • What is MySeat? How old does a baby need to be to use MySeat? How long should I use the neck support for? How long should I keep the tether attached to the stand? Can my baby sleep in MySeat? What is the maximum recommended weight MySeat can support? Can MySeat be used with any of the Hushamok stands?
  • Carton Dimensions: 33” x 17” x 12" (ships in 2 cartons)
    Assembled Dimensions: 43”L x 60”H x 42”W
     Assembled weight: 32 Pounds