What mothers say about Hushamok



Hushamok baby hammock is the ideal environment for newborn sleep, with its soothing rocking motion – it’s the next best thing to the womb. - babydashco.com


The first time my cousin got in the Baby Hammock she smiled instantly! And she was fussy before I laid her down! The second she laid back, she stopped crying and smiled. I know the rocking motion must have reminded her of being in the womb and it was instantly pleasing. - babyelandaily.com


...there are some products and tricks that will help you get just a few more moments of shut-eye. Meet the Hushamok Hammock! Fully aware that I’m not a happy or functional person with only three hours of sleep under my belt, I decided to put the Hushamok Hammock to the test with my newborn. Either I won the baby lottery or this hammock is magic. Six weeks in, we are getting solid time blocks of sleep, making for both a happy baby and mommy. To help make baby feel secure, I recommend you swaddle your little one before placing them in the hammock. - projectnursery.com


Truly, the main reason I chose the Hushamok was for the beauty of it!  I could stare at it all day.  I swore before kids that the junky plastic toys and tacky swings with crazy accessories would never enter my house.  Guess what?  They did.  But this hammock makes me happy because it is a functional piece of art for my baby to sleep in. - dirtydiaperlaundry.com


I’m happy that the construction of the Hushamok hammock is so high quality and safe, as I’m concerned about indoor air quality and health, especially in regard to my little munchkin. The attention to detail in the design of the Hushamok really shows: the elegant modern hammock looks more like a carefully crafted work of art than baby gear. I’m grateful I got the chance to check out a Hushamok hammock. It has brought some much needed shut eye and convenience to my family. - inhabitots.com


80%+ voted Kid Friendly - popsugar.com


Hushamok es una sofisticada versión moderna de un diseño ancestral. Desde siempre se conocen los efectos relajantes y tranquilizadores que tiene sobre los bebés ese movimiento oscilante que tanto les recuerda al útero de mamá, llegando incluso a aminorar los colicos del lactante y a tranquilizar a los bebés más inquietos. [Hushamok is a sophisticated modern version of an ancient design. Historically the relaxing and soothing effects on babies rocking motion that reminds both the mother's womb, even to lessen the infant colic and calm the restless babies are known.] - charhadas.com



We bought the Hushamok and are thrilled with it. In fact our son who is 3 and a half months and 15lbs (90% for height and weight) will only sleep on his back when he is in it (he will not sleep on his back any other way). The Hushamok is super easy to put together, and moving it from one room to another for naps is a snap. It is sturdy and travels well.We put it in the included travel bag and checked it curbside (it qualifies as standard sized luggage so no over size charges) Our son slept like a baby (no pun intended) since he slept in his own bed no matter where we were in the country. We are going to buy the My Seat when he outgrows the bed so he can continue to use it. - popsugar.com community member


When I was searching for a bassinet for my baby registry, I was a little hesitant to request this hammock because of the price and the lack of reviews. I am soooooo glad I ended up with this hammock in the end though, my daughter is now 14 weeks old and 10lbs and we have not had a sleepless night since she's been born!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! - babyearth.com reviewer, Texas


Just wanted to say, I have a hushamok, used it with both my children when they were babies (now they fight over who gets to sit in the seat attachment) It was a lifesaver for us though, I truly believe I wouldn't have gotten any sleep as a new mother without it and couldn't relate to my friends who were complaining of midnight car rides and pacing around the living room to get their babies to sleep. I converted a couple of friends and they had the same experience with their second and third children. - Tamara, dirtydaiperlaundry reader


Our house is very modern and we just loved the design/simplicity of the Hushamok (especially the Okoa which is made of beech wood) - babycentre community member


That is one gorgeous hammock. And organic at that. - Freya, Project Nursery


I thought I would give this hammock a nod for being fantastic with what it's supposed to do, put and keep a newborn baby asleep. My baby was sleeping six hours straight after the first week, when she would wake up it would gently start rocking her back to sleep without me having to even get up. - Johanna, amazon.com


Earle wouldn't be on the sleep schedule he's on today if we didn't have our #hushamok!!! Best purchase evarrrrrrr - Grace Thomas, Facebook


Pick the Hushamok since it's organic and has no flame retardants - babycentre community member

Our son will nap in his Hushamok MySeat from time to time. He's still trying to find his "balance" if you will while sleeping, but we feel he is safe/comfortable :) - Sara Collins, Facebook