Who Are We

We're Hushamok and we've been around since 2007 operating as a family business with fantastically unique products that work.  We are passionate about what we do and love designing products that are an architectural dream for families.  However, we also understand that babies are special creatures and don't appreciate good design but need sleep.  We offer families the gift of sleep.

Mark and Julie Soboil founded Hushamok after the birth of their first child, when a friend recommended a traditional baby hammock. The baby hammock worked wonders in soothing their restless and unsettled baby. As much as they loved the concept of this 1000-year-old invention they felt it needed updating to meet the demands of today’s parents.

With Mark and Julie’s background in Environmental Sciences and interest in using eco-friendly and organic materials their journey to design modern baby furniture began. A year later Hushamok began selling its inaugural product, the Hushamok baby hammock. The couple and their team of committed designers are immensely proud of their creations.

Hushamok operates as a family business in both the US and beautiful New Zealand, the country they now call home, along with their two boys, Lucas and Leo.